Tushar (CEO)

Story Behind Downtown Cart & Me

Downtown Cart came up with lot of research and hard work in selection of products, looking at the needs & desires of shopping enthusiasts. We have a team experienced professionals who track the latest trends, designs and are connected with fashion houses. We ensure high quality products at low cost for you.

About Me

I am back into full life 5 years back after Brain Hemorrhage in Gymnasium, which led me to coma. My friends and family thought i would not return from coma. But I made it....

I hold a Masters in Business Administration in University of San Fransisco. I worked with Citi Bank at a senior position. After the Haemorrhage, I had to leave the job. 

Then I launched Downtown Cart.

Now I am back and doing my best to make a difference to customers by offering high value low price products. I also made a promise to myself to donate some part of the the profit for good cause. That is why we say We Sell With Human Touch.

Thank You for visiting Downtown Cart.




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